Bye Bye Sakura Houses!


Two weeks ago I said my final “Bye bye Sakura Houses”,  now in Barcelona, I’m thinking about all the moments and emotions that I lived this last month and I’m trying not to cut my veins. Definitetly, the trip is over and the sessions of sodomy started again in my company… I’m a poor salary man…
I’m adapting to my normal live, but I think the rehab of this summer will be harder than other summers, and it’s normal, I’ve lost one piece of me in Japan. I miss a lot my life in Tokyo, all the friends of the academy and my great flat mates. So many nationalities… awesome people with lots of stories to explain and too many things to learn about them.

This post is to thanks everyone that I met in my home of Japan, for all the moments that I lived in Sakura Houses. If you are thinking about visiting Tokyo almost for one month, listen to my advise: Sakura Housesof Sendagaya is you place!

Strategically situated, my ex-house was so closed to Yoyogui, Sendagaya and Kitasando stations, two stations from Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Such a nice people live there. You’ll never be alone ( if you’re not a kind of freak or a ghost…. of course xD ). I miss life in the flat, the nights trying to study Japanese and my flat mates rounding, speaking and laughing.

I miss a lot of things, but for sure, I miss Alex and his incredible T-SHIRT. You know that I love it! You recover your beauty every time you wear it! Dance littke kangaroo dance… no dance no life!

Alisa… ohh Alisa, 姫さま、 天使… what a lovely person! I’ll miss your shining personality 😉 

The combats of Tekken and Soul Calibur with JM, Sergey, Rodi, Loïc, Ayta….JM I’ll defeat you next time! And.. please people, improve our skills in Tekken.. it was so easy xD  Rodi… please don’t tint your hair again! xDD

I miss the fucking Japanese police, smoking, speaking and 1, 2, 3, POLICE and running…
Of course, I miss the circle of Fire of the French girls Melissa and Emilie… but I miss the Catalan & Russian version…. “Spin the bottle and kiss..  take of one piece of cloths…” jajaja Hope that everyone is still playing this version, and hope Callum still in the country.. be careful my friend, the public exhibition is punished here in Japan… xD


The exciting Russian-Chinese-Korean-English-Japanese-Scottish-Esperanto…etc..xD poems of Emilia and also the disgusting liquor of mini-apples. One advise, don’t drink it more, for sure it will destroy you inside.

Casey, be the capitan of Hin she will need some one to run her life.  Hin, be carefull, Akuma are every where!!  

Matias.. improve your karaoke skills please xD Now my ears are recoverd. Fernando… nano, cuídate mucho por aquí y ten paciencia que aun te queda una larga y envidiable estancia por Japón!
Franz… be patient, one day I’ll become the first ambassador of Catalonia in Japan. Then I’ll reclaim you as my right hand, the diplomatic Franz Nin.

And… bla bla bla, every one, the news, the old mates, all sakura houses.. thanks for this perfect summer! 

I will continue the blog, I have a lot of things to explain about my last week travelling adventure in Kansai. So, people… 

また今度お願いします .

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